Tuesday, December 9, 2008


As I walked across the rough road before walking into the SPCA Thrift Store, I felt like the whole community had walked in the small area just as the same time as I had.

But then the moment a tiny infant started to cry for her young and beautiful mother, I had this sense of realizing how great life feels.

Interacting with such nice people who take you in under their wing to show you the ropes mean a lot, and as time went on, the employees questioned me if I wanted to enjoy some pizza with them.

All I could do was inhale the smell of the nice and hot, right out of the oven pizza which made my mouth water.

Unfortunately, I turned down the wonder offer they that gave me, only to return to helping out the community and doing my volunteer work at the SPCA Thrift Store.


Brevard County sort of runs like a generator but only better. Without having the Brevard Clerk of Courts around, the county of Brevard would suffer a lot. The “generator” deals with every different kind of problems that the county faces everyday in the world.

The generator runs on fuel, just like the Clerk of Courts, the problems that the people face. Having a generator around keeps so much together and organized. The employees that work there have to keep up with all the duties that they receive by the community.

The Brevard Clerk of Courts runs Brevard County just like a generator runs the electricity and etc. in a home if the power runs out.

The “generator” needs to stay in Brevard County and we the people need to have the Clerk of Courts around to keep us on top!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cause and Effect

While putting the papers in the correct file at the Brevard Clerk of Courts, I received a paper cut.

Thinking that I needed to hurry up allowed me to believe that I didn't pay attention to what I was doing.
While volunteering at the Brevard Clerk of Courts, I noticed that I'm trying to work too quickly
Which led me to know that I had extreme carelessness


As I stood there in the office down stairs, I happened to see Blood run down my finger.


My finger started stinging really bad and I still couldn't beleive the stupid mistake that I'd made.
I then started feeling anger towards myself and also to the paper that cut me.
I have to wipe off my finger with a paper towl or the first kind of napkin I could find to use for my bloody finger.
I took away time of what I was doing and put me behind task, only because I didn't have any careness.


A community is a place where a group of people living in the same area, get together to make their surroundings a better place to live. Everywhere someone experiments to go and live, them people pray that they can find a community that works together to make their live more easier. Having such an organization around the community seems to have great affects and that makes a difference.
The Brevard Clerk of Courts helps the community by keeping everything someone can imagine inorder. For example, the Brevard Clerk of Courts keeps all the traffic tickets, marriage license, court dates, and ect. all filed in a specific area so this keeps the community organized. Without having the Brevard Clerk of Court in our community, we would have so much confusion to deal with.

Monday, November 24, 2008

As I pulled at the Brevard Clerk of Courts Office, I noticed there weren’t any parking spots for me to park my car. After finding a parking spot, I had to dodge the cars to cross the street so they wouldn’t have me as road kill. Luckily, I survived roaming around the third floor to find out exactly where I was supposed to go. As I walked into the wrong department, the employees requested me to walk to the Administration Department to receive my interview paper, and speak with the main lady volunteering. This lady was very polite but reminded me of the dress code policy and how I have to take out my facial piercings. Understanding that I was trying to volunteer at a major business, I understood what the lady had explained to me. As time progressed, I ended up filling out my application and set up what days I would be available and for what hours of the day. Before I left, I thanked her very much for her time and then she explained how her secretary needed to snap a photo of me. All three of us started laughing due to the fact of almost forgetting to take my picture. Minutes later, I found myself dodging cars again so I could find my own car and go home.